Barry Cavanaugh

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About The Author

Barry Cavanaugh has a history of record-setting basketball playing and coaching on all levels.

He graduated from the State University at Albany and
continued on to play professionally in Sweden, later coaching at his alma mater and at SUNY Morrisville.

He appears in the Halls of Fame of the University of Albany, the Albany Capital District, and Rensselaer, NY.

His career consists of influencing at-risk youth through his coaching, mentoring, leadership positions, and one-on-one case management.

This is Barry’s first book, and it was inspired through a conversation on a family trip. He is excited to share this story with children everywhere. He hopes it will be used by parents, caregivers, teachers and mentors to help
children grow with the knowledge and understanding of each characteristic the Tree Trolls represent in this book.

He lives in Whitesboro, NY with his wife and two children.