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      This story of the back-to-the-land movement of the early '70s is drawn from the author's experiences living in Northern Maine with her new husband more than 30 years ago.
Weiler spins a quirky, dramatic, moving tale of characters as colorful and rugged as the region of Maine they call home. And she does it in unique style, writing each chapter from the perspective—and in the voice—of a different character.

8.5 x 5.5 | 176 Pages | $9.95

"Angela Weiler knows well how to tell a good and lively story with a rich sense of humor and a sharp eye for detail. Want to know what it was like to go back-to-the-land as naive, inexperienced, and idealistic romantics in the '70s? This book has the inside scoop—and then some."

-Sanford Phippen
Author of Kitchen Boy and The Police Know Everything
               Editor of The Best Maine Stories
                            Host of MAINE PBS' A Good Read

"The stories in Goin’ Up The Country are beautifully wrought, not only in the uniqueness of their voices, but also in the stunning portrayal of the Maine landscape. This novel is a realistic, unflinching but ultimately good-hearted portrayal of a forgotten land and its people, and the ones who journey there in search of a simpler way of life. A charming, poignant, heartfelt read."

- Jaimee Wriston Colbert
Author of Climbing the God Tree
                            Asst. Professor of Creative Writing
                                             Binghamton University