Marge Van Slyke,
a native of Rome, NY, has been working with furniture for more than 30 years. She is primarily self-taught, but learned finer refinishing techniques such as burning-in, making spot repairs, and color-blending while an employee of the F.S. Harden Company in McConnellsville, NY.

After working as a refinisher for a furniture store for a short time, Marge started her own business. As owner of Marge’s Furniture Refinishing for 27 years, she developed a reputation for excellent work throughout the central New York area. In 2002, she sold the business to her well-qualified assistant, but continues in her field of expertise as his employee.

Marge has worked on a wide variety of pieces through the years, from small wooden clocks and ox yolks to caskets and pianos; from a conference table in the shape of a jet bomber wing to an assortment of treasures she found curbside.

Marge is a member of the Restoration Center Hotline, and a former member of Restorers of America. She taught furniture refinishing to adults in BOCES evening classes for about eight years and enjoyed sharing her knowledge with the students. She has attended many seminars and conferences on the art of refinishing and says, “There is always something new to learn in this business.”